My Story

Hazey Tey formely known as "$wagga Made", is an upcoming producer/aritst coming from Baltimore, Maryland. He's been producing and working under the scope with many talented artists. Hazey Tey has a huge collection of beats ranging in different genre's from Rap (Dirty South, East Coast, West Coast), R&B, Pop, Rock, etc.  

Hazey Tey has always been inspired by music since a youngin' listening to tunes played from his family. His family have a history of singers and musicians which soon led him to fall into the same footsteps as well. He's been introduced to many instruments growing up. He also always had a passion for rhymes and poetry which would lead him to start writing and express himself. At the age of 12, he started producing and making music.  Now he has began to make a name for himself and is working closely with artists from all over the world.  He's bringing a sound that literally sounds out of the universe. He's make his beats or songs based off moods and try to capture it into his music.

Hazey Tey is open to working with any other up and coming or established artists. Feel free to check out his beats/songs on the website. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Facebook, or Youtube: HazeyTey.